Černý Důl

The charm of mountains

"The banging of hammers echoes through the dark limestone quarry. Little flames in the dwarves' lanterns flicker ceaselessly as all the wagons on the long train that goes from Černý Důl to Kunčice need to be filled by the next morning..." This could be the beginning of a story about Černý Důl for both children and adults. If you prefer to live the stories yourself, get a place in this fairy-tale town surrounded by pristine nature. You'll enjoy educational experience trails, cycling trails, ridge trails, relaxing by the pool or exciting downhill rides.

Tourist paradise born of mining settlement

The first written mentions of Černý Důl date back to 1556, when it was a mine in a dark forest. Thanks to its mining history, the working cargo cableway has become the symbol of this little town. The mining trail Berghaus, which starts near the centre of the town, takes you through the history of mining in Černý Důl. The trail describes the mining industry in the Krkonoše in an entertaining way and if you are very lucky, you may get a glimpse of a real dwarf. The latest hit in Černý Důl is the Educational trail of Saint Barbora, which is 5km long.

You can plan easy or more demanding hikes from Černý Důl. Go in the direction of Černá or Liščí hora. The hiking trails will lead you to Janské Lázně, where you can relax by the hot spring. Follow the footsteps of Krakonoš and ride the cable car or hike up Sněžka.

Trips and excursion tips on the town's website

Modern lifestyle in mountains

Relax and recharge in the beautiful surroundings of Černý Důl. If you get hungry, visit one of the great restaurants in Černý Důl or Pec pod Sněžkou. There are food stalls on the trails and ski slopes. Feed your soul in cafés in Vrchlabí, in Janské Lázně, in a music club in Pec pod Sněžkou or the cultural centre UFFO in Trutnov.

There are many facilities in Černý Důl, including grocery stores, consumable stores, shops with outdoor clothing, an information centre, ATMs, sports equipment rentals and a petrol station. The nearest hospital and pharmacies are in Vrchlabí, which is only a 10-minute car ride away from Černý Důl. There are medical centres in Pec pod Sněžkou, Jilemnice and Trutnov.

You can also visit water parks, tennis courts and bowling lanes in the mountains or enjoy an extreme experience, such as paragliding.

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