Tree Top Trail


If you think that there's nothing special going on in a forest, you need to visit the Tree Top Trail in the heart of the beautiful Krkonoše mountains. The Krkonoše attract visitors with their powerful energy and majestic forests. The Tree Top Trail was opened to show visitors more of the life of trees and their inhabitants.

What awaits in the tree tops?

The Tree Top Trail in the Krkonoše was opened in 2017 and it has been opened daily ever since, regardless of the weather or seasons. However, it is useful to visit the trail with a tour guide during the vegetation period to learn more about the forest. There are several programmes prepared for you.

To the tree tops for entertainment and excitement

The Tree Top Trail is not only an educational trail. Its goal is to entertain the whole family in both summer and winter. On the way up, you can explore educational stops, while there's a slide waiting for you to go down. That is not all. To wrap the trip up properly, you need to know what is happening under the surface – you can find out in the underground exhibition. You won't learn so many interesting things about the Krkonoše anywhere else.

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